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Exploring the beauty of the hills island Lombok

  • Beauty of the hills

    Bukit Pergasingan

    Bukit Pergasingan Sembalun located in the Village, East Lombok. Pergasingan hill has a height of about 1700 meters above sea level. It is said that the ancient times, Mount Pergasingan is to serve as the location of a top play by a village community Sembalun. Gasing is a traditional game of Sasak tribe on the island of Lombok. Hill climbing is required to have a physical pergasingan prima yan, due to the steep ascent. Fatigue and frustration will be paid with the natural beauty of the village on the hill Pergasingan Sembalun. The peak of Mount Rinjani, the beauty of the rice fields like a giant tapestry rugs and beautiful hills surrounding the village Sembalun. It takes about 3-4 hours to climb up to the top of Mount Pergasingan.

    The sinking of the sun and the rising of the Sun is one of the best spots in the hills Pergasingan.

    Bukit Nanggi
    Nanggi hill, one of the hills in the village of East Lombok Sembalun with an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level. This Nanggi hill called Mount should be more suitable because it has a height above the 2000s masl, but because the hill is located near Mount Rinjani towering higher so people call it a hill.

    These hill to climb is quite challenging and takes about 4-5 hours to reach the top of the hill climb Nanggi. Physical specimen, determination and mental strength is needed to conquer the hill Nanggi. They will all be paid by the enchanting beauty of nature on the top of the hill Nanggi. The best spot to enjoy the Sunset and Sunrise at Mount Nanggi.

    Bukit Dandaun

    In addition to Hill and Hill Nanggi Pergasingan already famous among the traveler is Dandaun Hill. This hill offers the charm of natural beauty that is different from some hill at Sembalun. The first is this hill meadow mempuyai very broad, flat and surrounded by hills pergasingan. The second is that there are hundreds or even thousands of cows Sembalun people who deliberately bred outside the cage to feed themselves. The third is that we can tame this wild cows just to capitalize saline later be a lap by a cow. Fourth contained relics of the Dutch coffee plants as well as springs.

    Bukit Selong

    “Rapet Hill” (Hill near) so people call it. Bukit Selong located in the village of Lawang Sembalun, sub Sembalun offers magnificent beauty. Right at the bottom of the hill, visitors are treated to views of rice terraces Sembalun population that resembles carpet color- colors. in front of Selong Bukit, Bukit Pergasingan beautiful stand, and beside him there is the Bukit Anak Dara. on the left side of this hill there is a traditional Sembalun village community which is called Kampung Beleq.

    Bukit Anak Dara

    Bukit Anak Dara Pergasingan not as famous hills and hills Nanggi. However, the beauty that served no less beautiful, even some climbers say that the beauty of the Mount of the Virgin exceeds the second hill. With a height of about 1900 meters above sea level, Bukit Anak Dara had quite a difficult route so that the hill is not suitable for novice climbers. To reach the top of the hill, you take a hike for 5-6 hours.

    From the top of Bukit Anak Dara, you can enjoy the natural beauty Sembalun. The hills that surround the fields population. And certainly the most memorable views of Mount Rinjani as if in front of you. Moment sunset and sunrise is very beautiful moment. On the hill is also very nice to enjoy the beauty of the constellations.

    Bukit Pengsong

    Pengsong hill not far from the city of Mataram or 15 drive from the city center. Bukit contained a Andesite wall with a height of about 10-12 meters looming, this hill is usually used by the instigators of the outdoors to practice rock climbing or commonly known as Cliffs Pengsong.

    The natural beauty of hill top Pengsong is not lost from the hills in Sembalun, rice fields, dozens of minarets which is one characteristic of the island of Lombok and ocean view accompanied the setting sun is a hallmark of this Pengsong Hill. Selan there is a temple of Pura Pengsong used by the Balinese Hindu community to practice their religion.

    Bukit Batu idung

    Bukit Batu idung located in the area Gumise, Lembar, West Lombok, about 45 minutes drive from the city of Mataram. This hill became famous among tourists since their coverage from one of the national TV.

    Bukit Batu idung is not too high, for it is suitable for novice climbers or family travel. This makes Bukit Batu idung always visited by tourists during holidays arrive. On the hill there is a huge rock that stands out like a nose. From the top of this hill we can see the beautiful hills around West Lombok, Harbour Crossing sheet and of course very beautiful Sunset from the top of this hill.

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