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Lombok Island is an island located in the east of the island of Bali is very famous for its beauty all over the world, with a wide range of tourist facilities and very interesting. Lombok is an island that has an incredible natural scenery beautiful than Bali. A wide variety of tourist and construction of adequate facilities became available on the island east of Bali island. Hotel, Tourism concepts and other tourism services began to appear in this island.

Accommodation on the island of Lombok has a wide range of comfort and relaxation for the offer. Panorama of nature is its own selling points for the hotel owners and the home stay to attract visitors, in addition to the island of Lombok which has height were mixed.

Choose a location that you like that has a wide variety of classes ranging from star class to class home stay. With a variety of accommodation types and characteristic hotels in Lombok Island offers a beautiful Panorama, make you have an unforgettable experience while on the island of Lombok.

Here’s a list of Hotels, Villas and Home stay on the island of Lombok in accordance with the location.

Regions Gili Island

Tourism area of Senggigi

Regions of Mataram City

Valley Sembalun Village

  • Hotel Lembah Rinjani type Homestay

Senaru Village

  • Pondok Senaru Homestay


All hotels and home stay in Lombok Island using local and some international services, advance payments can be made ​​by bank transfer or credit card authorization. The rest payment can be made prior to check out Hotel.

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