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    Over 20 villages surround Mt. Rinjani and there are many routes up the mountain, but the main access is from Senaru in the north and Sembalun Lawang to the east.

    Based on the information derived from the Department of mines and energy of West Nusa Tenggara province, that in ancient times, mount rinjani has an altitude of 5000 feet above sea level. On the western part of Mount rinjani, formed on the pre quarter era (1, 8 million years ago), where is still in the form of deposits of material. At the moment after the Pleistocene era (1.8 million years ago) there has been volcanic and tectonic activity, which caused the collapse of part of the surface as a result of the explosion, as well as flows in the form of molten lava eruptions form material.

    Climb Mt. rinjani is one of the main activities undertaken by tourists in Lombok; this is caused by attraction to the beauty of Mount rinjani, which as the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

    Mount Rinjani National Park lies in the main transition zone (Wallace), the flora and fauna are the results of transition from Southeast Asia into a distinctive type of Australia. Mount Rinjani National Park has a variety of plants and animals, its hard to live because it contains the terrain and Rainforest cover.

    If you are lucky in the morning, you will be able to see the black monkey (langur) is rarely seen. While the gray monkey with a long tail, generally widely available in Lombok, and you will also find a lot on the edge of the crater. The deer is one of the forest dwellers sometimes appear / look at Rinjani mountain climbing lane.

    A variety of colorful birds live in the forest. One of the best beasts as an icon in the forest is crested cockatoo, which can be found western part of the island of Lombok. All the animals that live in the forest, such as insects, birds, ferrets, and monkeys will hang their lives on the wild fig tree or banyan, as a provider of food and shelter.

    Species such as cypress pine trees is one type of tree that grows on the higher slopes. In addition, Orchid is also the type of flora growing in the pasture area, such as edelweiss or perennial flowers that grow above the tree line. Everything is incredibly beautiful and attractive and complements the beauty of Mount Rinjani.

    Mount Rinjani area is a part of tropical rain forest that lies in West Nusa Tenggara. it consist of various types of ecosystems and a complete vegetation starting from lowland tropical forest (semi evergreen) to mountainous tropical rain  forest (1,500 – 2,000 masl) consisting of prime forest, casuarinas forest and sub-alpine vegetation (>2,00masl).At height of 1,000masl are many kinds of trees and bushes. Like banyan (ficus Benyamina), stinging netted (laportea stimulan), guava (sygium sp), wild nutmeg (Myritica fatna), Buni hutan (Antdesma so), Neem (Azadiracta indica), bajur (Pterospermium hptophilla), terep (artocarplus elastica), harending (Melasotama sp) and Pandanus (pandanus tectorius) tree. At height of 1,00masl – 2,00maslthis where many types of flora can be seen such as the Orchid (Vanda,Sp), Meniran (Calicarpa Sp), jakut wood (Syzigium sp), sentul (aglaia sp), deduren (aglaia argentia), Pandanus (psandanus tectorius), birds-nest fern (asplenium nidus), glagah (saccharum spontaius), Coarse grass (Imperata cylenca), paku-pakuan (Cyclocorus sp), edeweiss (Anaphalis Visida), jenggot Algae (Unsea sp) and big rattan (daemonorops sp)you also can find many kinds of mammals that live in Mount Rinjani, the main kind are : Wild pig (Sus scrofa), grey monkey (Macaca fascicularis), Black leaf monkey (Trcypphitecus auratus cristatus), Ganggarangan kecil (Vivvericula indica), Javan Pangolin ( Manis javanica), rinjani Palm civets (Paradoxuurus hermaproditus rindjanicus), Leleko Congkok (felis bengelensis javanensis) rusa Deers (cervus timorensis floresiensis), and Porcupines (Hystrix javanica). Also a variety of birds, like the sulphur crested cockatoo (cacatua sulphures parvula), Koakiau (Philemon buceroides negelcus), perkici red shest (Trichoglosus haematodus), honeyeater (Lichmera lomokia), Black-head thrush (Zootera interpress). Here’s a selection of stories taken from a guide book for the village, which contains a collection of traditional stories that connect generations of people of Dusun Senaru.

  • Cave

    Susu CAVE Mount Rinjani | The Rinjani TrekkingOne of the three famous caves (Goa Susu, Goa Umbrella, and Goa Manik), Susu Cave is a good place for self-reflection and often used as a place to meditate. People with malicious and envious mind will have difficulty entering Susu cave which has a narrow entrance, but people with noble and pure mind will easily enter the cave.
    Inside the cave, the water dripping from the tip of the rock that looks like a nipple. In the Goa Dairy, the weather is quite hot and a lot of smoke which looks like cooking, so people call this Steaming (hot house) and sometimes people call it Rontgen (X – Ray).

  • Hot Springs

    Hot Spring Mount Rinjani 2 | The Rinjani TrekkingAiq Kalak means hot water and is used to cure various diseases. One of the hot springs named Pangkereman Jembangan which means a place for dipping. Water gushed out of the eyes of very hot water. Weapons such as keris, swords, large knives, and spears dipped in the spring to test their magic powers. If guns become sticky it means that weapons are bad and do not have magical powers. However, if the weapon remains unchanged, it means that the weapon has supernatural powers will increase.
    People also use hot water to make medicine from coconut milk. After dipping a bottle of coconut cream in hot water, if it becomes clear oily liquid can be used as a medicinal oil. Then the medicinal oil is used for the good stuff and called Siu Satus Tunggal or in Bayan language Siu Satunggal which means that it can be used to cure a thousand kinds of desease.

  • Segara Anak Lake

    Segara Anak Lake Mount Rinjani | The Rinjani TrekkingSegara Anak Lake is so wide that looks like a blue sea. The name Segara Anak means child of the sea. Segara Anak Lake has a depth of about 230 meters (measurement-NTB Office EMR), and an area of ​​approximately 7 km2, and is located at an altitude of about 2200 meters above sea level. In the middle of the Lake Segara Anak, standing over a mountain that is still active with a height of about 2400 meters above sea level, and is named as “Gunung Baru Jari”. All existing object is part of the Mount Rinjani as the main mountain. Various biota (animal) in the lake Segara Anak, among others: mujahir Fish, Carp Fish, and Bird grouse that once appeared in the southern part of the lake.

  • Strawberry lokal

    Fruit Berry Mount Rinjani | The Rinjani TrekkingThis plant grows along the route to Mt. Rinjani. It has thorns like roses and red fruits such as strawberries. It has a sweet and slightly sour taste and good to eat when trekkers are hungry and thirsty.

  • Bunga Abadi atau Edelweis

    Edelweis Flower Mount Rinjani | The Rinjani TrekkingEternal Flower “Edelweiss” grown above altitude (mountain). In some places (mountains), edelweiss plant thrives as typical / endemic mountain. So is the Mount Rinjani, where Flowers Edelwiss spread and grow in some places, with characteristic rinjani. Edelweiss flower in Rinjani usually slightly yellowish color, as well as the new white when flowering. Because the characteristics and rarity, Edelweiss Flowers are not recommended to be picked, let alone take home as a private collection. For those who pick and bring home Edelweiss flower, it will be fined a certain amount of money, or will be asked to return back to the place where he is beginning to grow. So do not try to pluck or bring home.

  • Summit Rinjani

    Summit Mount Rinjani 2 | The Rinjani TrekkingThe people of Lombok believe that the peak of Mt. Rinjani is the abode of Goddess Anjani as queen and ruler of Mt. Rinjani. To the south – east of the summit as dusty sea called Segara Muncar is invisible palace of the queen Dewi Anjani and her followers. They are good spirits. According to a story about the queen Dewi Anjani, he was the son of a king who would not allow her to marry her boyfriend. In the spring called Mandala she disappeared and changed from the real world into the spirit world.

  • Gunung Baru Jari (Gunung Baru)

    Danau Segara AnakNew Mountain is the name of the new volcano which emerged in the middle of Lake Segara Anak. People believe that New Mountain is the central / umbilical Mt. Rinjani. That is why if the New Mountain erupted it will not harm the people of Lombok unless the eruption is from the top of Mt. Rinjani. Some people say that the eruption in 1994 New Mount caused by a force, because the stones that erupted manageable units governed by the arrangement and interesting at the foot of Mount Baru.