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Mount Barujari, Child Mount Rinjani Erupted Again

  • Mount Barujari, Mataram, Along raising the status of Mount Barujari – Mount Rinjani from normal children – actively be vigilant, there are a number of climbers who were still in the surrounding mountains until Tuesday afternoon, 27 September, 2016.

    When firing a volcanic ash as high as 2,000 meters, There are 389 visitors Yang Still in Gunung Rinjani. Based on the information section of Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR), AT 25-27 September 2016 There are 333 climbers from 56 foreign and local climbers who reportedly entered through the Sembalun.

    As of today, 132 climbers are still trapped on Mount Rinjani. 102 is an international climbers, while 30 others are local tourists. They climbed two days before the child’s Mount Rinjani erupted and currently resides in Lake Segara Anak

    Data from Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR), 132 tourists are left since September 25, 2016 and is currently still at the top, “said Head of NTB BPBDs Muhammad Rum, Wednesday (09/28/2016).

    Rum said, this time it was with Tim TNGR and Rescue team has fielded some of its members to Mount Rinjani through Sembalun to ascertain the condition of the climbers.

    We also fielded a team of porters to evacuate the climbers who are currently stuck on Mount Rinjani, “said Rum.

    Yesterday, Barujari mountain spewed volcanic ash as high as 2,000 meters and raise the status of being vigilant. With the incident, all the climbers of Mount Barujari should not approach to a radius of 3 km from the center of the crater.

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