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  • Trekking To DanDaun Hills

    Bukit Dandaun COS Lombok 2DanDaun Hills is one of the places located in the hills near Mount Rinjani, during a trip in your eyes will be spoiled by the beauty of nature and trees that always makes you never get bored.

    Dandaun towards you will embark on a journey of Sembalun mace, walking for three hours on the hills and rice paddies.

    Bukit Dandaun COS Lombok 1After passing the first hill you will arrive in a valley in the hills and rest a few minutes. The place was quiet and somewhat lonely do not see animals or signs of life here, at this time you will cry Gaed Salah to call a cow and a few moments after shouts from the bush will appear a few cows, the longer you shout more and they will approach you.

    Hundreds of cattle in the first hill is still nothing compared to the number of animals in kanji is a very beautiful view on the hill, which is full of green grass where the cow while feeding not only that, this place is also the forest and trees older and more interesting again in the trees in the forest to grow orchid flowers and your trip is completed.