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    BUKIT PERGASINGAN became famous among tourists around the past two years. Located in Sembalun Village, East Lombok, Bukit Pergasingan has an altitude of about 1700 meters above sea level. In ancient times, Mount Pergasingan serve as the location Sembalun playinggasing community.

    Gasing is a traditional game of Sasak tribe on the island of Lombok.Climb the hill pergasingan you are required to have sufficient physical strength, because a fairly challenging track. For those of you who have never Climb Mount Rinjani, pergasingan Hill climbing can be used as a preheating which will be very helpful when Trekking later. After reaching the peak Pergasingan, feeling tired during the ascent will be paid completely by the scenic beauty of stunning scenery. The village beauty Sembalun of heights, paddy residents look like carpets, rugs, held a neat and beautiful, lined hills and majestic charm Rinjani. Takes about 3 hours climbing to reach the summit of Mount Pergasingan in normal time.Pergasingan hill is a very nice spot to enjoy the sunrise. Camping on the summit of Mount Pergasingan be an alternative in order to enjoy the sunset and sunrise at once. The evening atmosphere at Bukit Pergasingan also very beautiful, clear skies with Bingang-star looks more beautiful, more near, very alluring.


    Day I : Hotel / Airport – Village SembalunOn the first day, we pick you up at 08:00 am to the village Sembalun. Distance Village Sembalun from Mataram approximately reached during the 3 hour trip. Sembalun arrival at the village, we will invite you for lunch at local restaurant, then get ready to make the climb to Mount Pergasingan.To get to the camping area in Bukit Pergasingan, you will walk and hike for approximately 3 hours. On arrival at the Camping Area, relax while enjoying a snack and a soft drink that has been provided, build tents, and waiting for the sunset from under Area Gunung Rinjani.

    Day II : Camping Area – Village Sembalun – Hotel / Airport

    On the second day you will be our wake before sunrise to enjoy the warm atmosphere of sunrise and views of Mount Rinjani, which gradually illuminated by the sun. The smog that blanketed the village of Sembalun in the morning was also a sight that is no less amazing.

    After enjoying the beauty of God’s creation in Puncak Pergasingan, we will invite you for breakfast and then packed up to get ready back down to the village of Sembalun. In the village of transportation Sembalun you are ready waiting to take you back to the next destination. The program is finished.


    • Guide&Porter
    • Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, matrass, toilet tent, portable chairs and table)
    • Food and Beverage
    • Transportation
    • Admission tickets Bukit Pergasingan