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These are the most frequently used by hikers, climbers from both domestic, International, as well as by people who want to do a traditional ceremony or traditional rituals at the Peak of Rinjani. This path starts from the north.
Climbing through Senaru village, you will reach the top of the mountain within 10-12 hours. In this track you will pass through the village of Senaru, primary forests, Pelawangan Senaru, Lake Segara Anak, Pelawangan Sembalun and Peak of Rinjani.

Do not worry Getting lost or exhausted because along this line is equipped with shelters as a resting place and also as part of the identification of pathways. In this pathway, climbers will be presented the beautiful panorama of Tropical Wilderness, typical mountain in Indonesia. To set the rhythm of climbing, make sure you understand the terrain that will be passed. If through this route, you will need approximately 3-4 hours walk from Lake Segara Anak towards Pelawangan Sembalun. Then from Pelawangan Sembalun to the summit of Rinjani takes approximately 4-5 hours, and climbers usually set off at 02.00 am from Pelawangan Sembalun to the summit of Rinjani. Climb to the summit in the early morning so that when they arrive at the summit, hikers can enjoy the sunrise and see the beautiful panorama from the top of the second highest peak in Indonesia. If the weather is clear you can see Mount Agung in Bali and the Gilis in the west, Port Kayangan – Lombok, as well as Mount Tambora in the east.