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    • You must have a minimum of 6 (six) months validity of passport to enter Indonesia. VOA (Visa On Arrival) can be obtained at the airport of Lombok Island.

    • The existence of indigenous peratiran must be obeyed, one adult is allowed to bring a maximum of one liter of alcoholic beverages, 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco and perfume.
    • Photographic equipment and film equipment, radios, laptops and vehicles please note on your passport and must be brought out again.

    • Narcotics, firearms, ammunition, TV, and Chinese medicines banned

    • Fresh fruit, plants and animals have to go through Quarantine.


    • You can explore the island of Lombok by using various types of transportation such as Rent A Car / motorbike, Taxi, Local Transportation and Bicycle.
    • Taxi operates in all places such as hotels, airport, supermarkets and other public places. Taxi fares are metered and the cost varies according to the destination. Taxi companies in Lombok Lombok Taxi No. Tel 627 000, 634 444 and Karun Lendang Airport Taxi.
    • Public Transportation / local color Yellow
    • Rent A Car or Motorcycle is a best option to travel for the island of Lombok. The rental price includes the cost of insurance. During a trip in Lombok Island are many services available fueling stations in every major city, whereas in case of emergency you can refuel in small shops by the roadside, on the slightly more expensive price
    • Driving vehicles in Indonesia, must you make a left-hand path which may be different in your country.
    • International driver’s license is needed to drive a private vehicle during a trip in Lombok Island
    • Mandatory use standard helmet when you ride a bicycle Motor
    • Its Name Cidomo, is a native of traditional vehicle Lombok Island, Horse as its pull
    • Month of Ramadan.┬áMost of the facilities in the tourist region (Gili Island, Senggigi and Kuta) remain open during the month of Ramadan. Some local restaurant in most areas on the island of Lombok closed, to respect the majority of Muslims fasting. Tourists are strongly advised to eat or drink at the Restaurant or hotel.


    With temperatures ranging between 20-35 degrees Celsius, casual clothing is clothing that is appropriate to use.


    Indonesia uses AC 127V / 50HZ, but the process of converting to 230V AC.50HZ only in main cities of Indonesia. Indonesia uses type C, F and G.

    Drinking mineral water from the tap water in Indonesia is not recommended, but drink bottled mineral water is safe and hygienic are widely available everywhere. Better you avoid drinks provided at the stalls on the roadside.